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Power Surge Tower

Power Surge Tower

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Product Description

Why Choose SUPERDANNY Wireless Power Strip Tower?

  • A Creative Combination of Wireless Charger and USB Power Strip

With 12AC outlets and 6 USB ports for your cell phone, Airpods, smartwatch, tablet, computer, laptop, TV, desk lamp, printer, scanner, and some other electric devices. And the built-in 15W wireless pad is making charging more safe & convenient.

  • Retractable Cable Hidden in the Base

The over 6.5ft extension cord can be hidden at the bottom of this vertical power strip so that you can better organize the messy extra cable of this standing power strip tower to have a well-ordered room!

  • Declutter Your Desk

Avoid the clutter and hassle of multiple device chargers by plugging all your devices into this, multi-port charger while maintaining or improving charging speed for any USB powered device.

  • Space Saving

Compared to other common power strips, our vertical charging tower saves more space. Utilizing the vertical space, saving more horizontal space, it‘s good to help with creating a more beautiful and cleaner desktop/office/home/kitchen circumstance.

Note: Your device may get warmer slightly, especially when you use your device while charging, that is normal, please don't worry.

Why use surge protectors?

The power that comes out of your outlet on your wall is actually susceptible to voltage surges, and too much electric charge will cause malfunctions or even destroy the equipment entirely.

What causes surges?

Although surges are often associated with lightning strikes, the most frequent culprit is actually power-hungry appliances, though things like bad wiring and problems with the power grid itself can also cause surges.

Well protected by:

  • Overload Protection
  • Overheated Protection
  • Short-circuit Protection
  • Flame Retardant

Schooling from Home MUST HAVE Outlet

Safe Choice for Your Electronics

  • 1050 Joules Surge Protection

Whenever it detects a surge, it will send excess voltage back to the return line in the building's wiring, which might trip a circuit breaker, but won't damage whatever's plugged into the surge protector.

Every surge protector is rated for a certain number of J0ULES, and a higher number of joules, will last longer and protect against larger surges.

  • Fire Resistance

It is made of PC fireproof material, rating: UL94 V-0, which is the highest fire resistance level.

  • Wireless Charger Output····15W/10W/7.5W/5W
  • AC Input····························110-240V, 50/60 Hz, 13A
  • AC Output·························110-240V, 50/60Hz, 13A, 1430-3120W
  • USB Output·······················Up to 5V/2.4A each port, 4.8A/24W in total
  • Plug Type···························US Standard 3-Prong Plug
  • Cord Length·························6.5 ft Retractable Cable

15W Magnet Connect Wireless Charger

Built with a magnet connecting feature, the wireless charger on top offers 5W/7.5W/10W/15W output for QI-enabled devices; What you need is just place your phone on top of the tower, and your phone will be automatically connected and stay on it being charged without falling, sliding or disconnecting. (compatibility with magnet alignment feature is required for the cellphone.)


Embedded on each layer of the tower are an independent button switch and an LED indicator, and the lower switch also controls the wireless charging pad on/off. It saves much power and effort of plugging and unplugging by simply press the button switches on and off.

Wide-spaced Outlets

The closest distance between each plug is 2.1 inches. In order for you to use the 12 surge-protected outlets simultaneously, the multiple outlet power strip tower provides enough space between each outlet to be used at the same time.

Built-in Circuit Breaker

There is a reset switch for short-circuit/surge/overload protection, and up to 1050 Joule lightning proof to protect you, your devices, and your home. When this 12-outlet multi-plug is overloaded, it will automatically power-off, so that your expensive devices will not be damaged. After that, you just need to re-set it, the power strip will instantly turn on again!


  • 【Magnetic Wireless Charger】Thanks to the 15W Magnet Connecting wireless charger on top, you can simply place your cellphone on the charger and it will be automatically aligned by magnet and stay firmly on the charger to be charged (compatibility with magnet alignment feature is required for the cellphone.)
  • 【Powerful and Efficient】The small footprint power tower allocates 12 AC outlets and 6 smart charging USB ports on 4 facets vertically, perfect for large bulky plugs or adapters and multiple uses at the same time; With independent switch on each layer, all devices connected to this tower can be managed by one push efficiently with no energy wasted; 5V/4.8A shared by 6 USB ports, 0-2.4A each.
  • 【World-Wide Use & Surge Protector】This power strip surge protector tower (rated current 13A) is designed with dual voltages: 110V~240V, which made it compatible with multiple devices with right adapters through out the world; 1050J surge protection joules is armed to keep your devices away from surge hazard.
  • 【Space Saving and Retractable】The small footprint power tower manages its 6.5ft power cord by rolling the main body, combined with vertical tower design with a small footprint base to offer you a self-adjusting reach to the wall outlet but covers zero extra space, keeping your desk clean and tidy.
  • 【All-Round Protection】Despite indicator for charging and powering status, this 1050J surge protector also adopts all-round protection features with a overload/short-circuit reset button in the base to help bring your power back after overload or shorts (AC outlets only).

Power Strip Tower Surge Protector Plug for Office, Home, Dorm and Garage Workbench

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